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Anna Alvarez
PSO US National Champion 2017
NAPDC International 3rd place 2017
PCS Arnold Sports Festival 2nd place 2017
PSO Northwest 1st place PRO 2016
“My weekend training at the “cokerpolelab” really changed my pole career in a big way! I learned the nuts and bolts of so many tricks I had been chasing after and spending time trying to train. Heidi was able to streamline my learning process and help me understand what goes into a lot of these big tricks on the pole. I came away with practical training techniques which in time allowed me to learn some of my dream moves! Even more importantly, she is inspiration in its highest form. Just spending time with her training or not training filled my soul with such love for this art form and love of life! I highly recommend training with Heidi to everyone! She will change your life! If you ever get the chance, take it!”

Abbey Eff
Dance Filthy Pro Champ 2018
“Training with Heidi was one of the most valuable train-cations I’ve ever done. She’s incredibly accomodating and a wonderful host. Her and her kitties will make you feel right at home. She was flexible with time and training during the weekend that a friend and I were there. Heidi let us use her hot tub whenever we needed and she even set me up with her PT one night to help me out with some shoulder problems I’d been having! She has a wicked space with large gymnastics mats and if you’re into the crazier flipping stuff she can toss you up in her assisted harness contraption. She’s a wonderful teacher and is full of the best energy. The tricky moves you’ve been struggling with will definitely be solved with her instruction and break down!”

Priscilla Somogie
Pole&Aerial Fitness Instructor
XPERT Certified Pole Instructor
"I had the pleasure of working with heidi one-on-one at her beautiful home in Atlanta this year & it was easily the highlight of my 3 year pole journey. Heidi is extremely patient, very articulate & skilled at thoroughly explaining & executing every trick & has such immense knowledge in this sport, especially given her background in gymnastics, that I learned so much from her in just a few short hours. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many talented pole coaches but she was hands down the best coach I’ve ever had! Not to mention, she’s a very kind, genuine & passionate person & I look forward to training with her again very soon! Thank you Heidi"

Bex Crow
Circus freak at her own damn circus
“How does one begin to measure quality? Through richness of experience, vibrancy of memory, greater harmony between the internal and external. A sense of vibrating with the same frequencies the universe has intended for you. A magnetic hunger for more of the same. Perhaps even a sense of awe, of slight disbelief that this experience is actually real, for us. The click was real, the first time I saw videos of Heidi Coker‘s pole art, and the realization she would be one of the instructors at a December 2017 workshop in Thailand I was considering was what sealed the deal for me.
I have never been met with a kindness or awareness such as hers. There is a quiet power in her movements and attitude, a sense of mastery without pride, and these encouraged me to sign up for a private hour with her later during that workshop. The time I spent with her contained all earlier mentioned indicators of quality, and I was able to nail pole moves I’d dreamed of but seemed quite out of reach. Every single nemesis trick I knew I’d be able to do ‘someday’ was achieved ‘that day’, and I was absolutely buzzing. I promised to find her soon to train again.
After returning home to New Orleans, I counted down until it was finally time again. During the end of May 2018, before beginning my current international travels for performance and flying pole training, I spent several days staying in her space and training several hours a day. There is no other way to describe her home and space than a sanctuary. It was during this period of time I felt not only a settling in my soul, but an even more intense knowledge that I was in literally the absolute best place to learn this craft. It felt like a lightness of being, despite the amount of effort and concentration required. 
Heidi is patient. She encourages and corrects with direction not criticism. She is gifted with the ability to see the impossible and bring it into being, and this translates into both her personal practice, her teaching, and her powerfully honest interactions with the world. I am both a stronger poler and individual for having met and spent time with her, and I remain eager to return to her dance space, the #cokerpolelab , to continue my journey with pole and movement. (Also, her two kitties are the absolute sweetest!!)”

Frances Ann
2017 World Pole Art Masters 2nd place
2017 PSO Seabord Pro Division 3rd place
Trick-Tac Grip Brand Ambassdor
"Training at the cokerpolelab is an incredible experience. From the moment I arrived, Heidi made me feel right at home. She offers a comfy room, top notch training and a hot tub for sore muscles (which I really needed !). While training I learned proper technique and was able to work on new tricks with Heidi’s spotting expertise and super thick mats (just in case). Heidi is always encouraging and made me feel like I could accomplish all of my goals! I have been there twice, and will be back. I highly recommend The cokerpolelab to take your pole training to the next level!"



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