Are you a Virago?

Virago: (n.) A strong, brave, or warlike woman: a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. 

The heroines journey is one of many battles and challenges. For me, they come mostly from my inner battle. The demons of the past that tell me I'm not good enough. That I should carry shame and guilt for actions that are not of my own doing. These internal struggles then aggravate and exacerbate the external encounters I come across.  Over time, I get stronger and am able to stand a little taller. Accepting my own worth. Realizing my story is a path of my own. No right or wrong way of doing it. Just learning and growing. Being brave. Becoming my own hero.... standing up for me.  Loving myself and all my unique and beautiful imperfections. I am a virago. I am a warrior of the heart. I see my light and I shine brightly. Encouraging others to see their light. To find their inner cournage. To be the heroince in thier story. 

Heidi CokerComment